Terms and Conditions

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.​

Exceptions to my Terms and Conditions may be granted at my own discretion.


Will Not Draw

I will not draw sexualized underage characters, excessive muscles or fat, sexualized violence or gore, rape, or anything involving filth, grime, or toilet play,


Images below $100 must be paid in full before I start working on them. Images of $100 or more may be paid in two halves, the first half covering the sketch and layout while the second half covers the image to completion. All payments must be made via PayPal in order to receive some or all of the finished materials. Charge-backs may result in the client's ability to legally use their commissioned image(s) being revoked as well as additional charges being made to have that ability restored.


It is entirely my decision whether or not I will give refunds. If I believe a refund is reasonable, I will do so. For minor discrepancies, I may offer future discounts or further detail on an image beyond what was paid for.


Finished Images

It is not my responsibility to hold copies of commissioned images. It is entirely the buyer's responsibility to keep their copies as I may not be able to locate old commission files. I do not guarantee refunds but may give additional drawings or discounts at my own discretion to compensate for any discrepancies.

Using Others' Characters

If you are including a character owned by someone other than yourself in a commission, you must receive their permission and present it to me. Additionally, they are entitled to the same final product as you upon their request. They are given the same use and distribution rights whether or not they paid for the image.


I retain the copyrights to the images that I produce. Nobody but myself may claim they drew the images, though those who purchase artwork from me or that have their own character(s) in the image(s) may use and distribute the image(s) as they please unless stated otherwise in the purchase agreement. Furthermore, the client is responsible for all copyright issues regarding the final image. I will only use content that is supplied to me by the client or what is listed as "Free for Commercial Use." In the event that a copyright claim is made on the image and the previous statement is true, it is the sole responsibility of the client to handle any and all charges or claims.

Personal Information

Neither myself nor any of my business partners may share a buyer's real name, location, email address, or any other information deemed sensitive that comes into our possession.

Explicit Artwork

Anyone requesting explicit artwork must be 18 years of age or older. By placing an order, you state that this is true.

Unresponsive Customers

If​ you remain unresponsive for a total of 4 days, you will be moved down a spot in priority and will continue to do so until contact is made. At worst, continued neglect may outright put the order on hold and therefore dropped to the bottom of the queue. Your order will not be canceled and may be resumed in accordance to its place in the queue at that time.


Because life is unpredictable, I cannot always give accurate estimates on how long images may take to draw. I apologize for such inconveniences and may make compensations as I see fit.